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SES Singapore 2011 Agenda - Conference Day 2

Wednesday, 23 November 2011
08:50-9:00 Opening Remarks
  • Speaker
    Yinglan Tan, Head of Projects, National Research Foundation, Prime Minister's Office, Singapore
9:00-9:40 Keynote case study
The art of content marketing

The delivery of branded content in the digital space is key to the success of campaign activity. Digital content comes in all shapes and sizes; from simple well-optimized copy to imagery and video and other tools that immerse consumers and create inspiration. Through a selection of case studies, this session will outline the tactical approach to marketing activity with a focus on bringing content to life in the digital space. You will learn how great digital content supported by the right marketing strategy has a strong impact online and can be achieved with a range of budgets.

  • Use of social media in leveraging activity, building and engaging connections
  • Content development – sources, creation, distribution and optimization
  • Connecting all the dots – working smarter not harder
  • Speaker
    Sarah Whyte, Digital Marketing Manager, Tourism Queensland
9:40-10:20 Executive address:
Maximizing your digital marketing mix through integrated marketing

Cross-promotional efforts such as social, mobile and email marketing can help companies spread the word as new online-marketing platforms are launched, boosting follower interest and opt-in. Learn the popular strategies that companies use to maximize their digital-marketing mix.

  • Speaker
    Monappa Nalyanda, Head of Digital Marketing, Citibank
10:20-10:40 Morning break
  Track 1: Fundamentals Track 2: Hot Topics
Optimizing for the Youtube search engine

Youtube is the number two search engine in the world, but most people don 't realise this. It isn't all cuddly animals and music videos. More people are using Youtube to get serious information and education, and whenever people look for information, marketers have an opportunity to make sure their relevant brand, product or service is front and centre. This session will focus on SEO for video search engines

  • Don't just upload blindly
  • Work towards consistency
  • Maximize the features
  • Treat it as a social network
  • Speaker
    Ricky Baizas, Digital Marketing Executive, Philippines, Nestlé

Online customer engagement
  • Identifying common problems companies face when profiling users
  • Using integrated online marketing tools to connect channels, enable engagement automation and analytics
  • Understanding the value of data and how to use it to improve web content and visitor quality
  • Speaker
    Cuneyt Uysal, Regional Manager, Southeast Asia, Sitecore
Intention marketing: Search and social

Ground breaking research on the effect of search and social on the purchase funnel. Learn how to integrate these essential channels to drive better campaign results. Explore relevant case study, putting research and theory into practice. This session will cover:

  • Impact of search and social on the purchase funnel
  • Explain search and social integration
  • Enhance results of paid search through social media
  • Review compelling case studies
  • Speakers
    Rosemary Lising, Managing Director, GroupM
    Simon Ashwin, Head of Social Media and Production Services, APAC, GroupM
SEO: A veteran’s tool box

Search has one of the lowest customer acquisition rates, simply because it is a “pull ” medium, allowing people to find you when they need you. SEO will help you position your website to be found at the most critical points in the buying process.

  • International and local SEO – domain and local search, local language
  • Competitor analysis: Discover your competitors' successes and mistakes
  • Content creation to drive SEO program in China
  • Keyword research for maximum traffic
  • Tracking the results from rankings, traffic and through to conversion
  • Speaker
    Mark Kum, Search Strategist, New Media Marketing Division, EC21.com
    Richard Mabey, Managing Director, The Egg
KFC: A social crisis management case study

From panel measurement to website analytics

  • PR and search can work together
  • Process and actions
  • Monitoring, management and response
  • Maximizing the word of mouth
  • Results and takeaways
  • Speaker
    Jean-Marc Thomas, Director of Search, Neo@Ogilvy
Using LinkedIn groups to generate B2B sales leads

This session will take us through case studies of how clients and other companies are using LinkedIn groups to grow brand awareness and generate ongoing B2B sales leads. Topics include:

  • Why LinkedIn groups make sense for lead generation
  • Best practices for creating a group
  • Sourcing the best content to ensure group engagement
  • How to create a community that participates
  • Growing the brand awareness and social capital of group managers
  • Generating ongoing qualified leads for the organisation
  • Speaker
    Tom Skotidas, Founder and Director, Skotidas
12:40-13:40 Networking Lunch
A-Z of an e-commerce website

This session will help you create a search-engine-friendly and appealing e-commerce website. Topics it will address include:

  • Identifying the key goals you want your website to achieve
  • Creating search engine friendly sites that are equally appealing to visitors
  • Ensuring scalability and upgrading your website as your business progresses
  • Tracking website performance
  • Moderator
    Adaline Lau, Editor, ClickZ Asia
  • Speakers
    Jurik Auer, Manager, Online Sales, Marketing and Mobile Services, Lufthansa Airlines
    David McLean, Head of Search, Skyscanner
    Omri Bril, CEO and Founder, Podium Advertising
Search in a social world

The search landscape is evolving, and investments in social media and search among brand leaders are at an all-time high. However, brands may not be integrating social signals into their search strategy effectively. Most brands run these two channels in completely separate silos, but should they consider combining these channels to optimise ROI? This session will discuss the latest developments and best practices in search and social media to generate proven results.

  • The social buying cycle
  • Get on the social starting line
  • Targeting resource for maximum ROI
  • KPIs for monitoring ROI
  • Putting together an actionable plan
  • Moderator
    Matt McGowan, Managing Director, Americas, Incisive Media
  • Speakers
    Lydia Ng, Digital Marketing Search Lead, Singtel
    Nuttakorn Rattanachaisit, Consultant, Possible Worldwide
    Kelvin Quee, Head of Partnerships, Jamiq
No-frills search marketing

This session aims at making search marketing plan simple. It will share the useful tactics and framework on how to use standard tools and methodology for driving effective results. It will also cover the topic with the mix of Google and Baidu solutions.

  • Semantics research for dummies
  • Baidu hacks
  • Basic approach for the best PPC practice
  • Speakers
    Eddie Choi, SES Advisory Board & Founding Partner, Frontiers Digital
Using social media conversations and statistical analysis to maximize your community ROI
  • Understand the 3 different types of influencers, and why the Elite may not be the most important one after all
  • Learn the simple secret of how messages spread online, and why some messages spread faster and wider than others
  • Stop relying on guesswork and know beforehand what your community wants to hear about, and when they want to hear it
  • How social media conversations can be used for serious research and statistical analysis for real insights work and predictions
  • Speaker
    Mikko Kotila, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Statsit
15:10-15:30 Afternoon Break
Innovation in mobile advertising

Consumer eyes are now switching to mobile. How do you build a truly great mobile advertising campaign that captures your audience? This session will feature the key characteristics of successful mobile advertising campaigns.

  • Tailoring a mobile advertising plan to fit with your business objectives
  • Innovations in location-based advertising
  • Measuring mobile advertising
  • Keys for successful mobile marketing campaigns
  • Moderator
    Anna Maria Virzi, Executive Editor, ClickZ
  • Speakers
    You-Teck Lam, Consultant, ZOIBOX
    Sally Wuu, Head of Marketing, SEA, INMOBI
Display 2.0: Retargeting and remarketing

Research shows that as many as 90% of the people who visit a website leave without completing any action that online marketers intend them to take, such as making a purchase. A devastating statistic like this should propel marketers to find more effective techniques for communicating with their customers online.

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a technology that allows marketers to show their ads to former site visitors while they surf elsewhere on the web. Sounds very simple, however a lack of awareness about the technology has ruffled some feathers in the industry. The session will cover:

  • Deciding which cookie pools to use
  • Myths for retargeting and remarketing
  • Examining the impact retargeting has had on advertisers' overall ROI
  • Moderator
    Matt Harty, General Manager, Accuen APAC, Annalect
  • Speakers
    Vikas Gulati, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Asia Pacific, Sprice
    Andrew Tu, Vice President, Business Development Asia-Pacific, Brandscreen
    Jonathan Tilbury, Regional Director, ValueClick
    Arshan Saha, Regional Director, Innity
16:20-17:10 Executive panel:
B2B Social media marketing panel

This panel is designed for marketers and sales managers interested in learning about B2B social media marketing, preparing a programme, securing internal buy-in and budget, and applying the principles for brand building and lead generation. During this session, the panellists will discuss:

  • Why should B2B companies invest in social media and how should it be integrated into the firm's digital strategy?
  • Tips for B2B companies when using social media and what the key trends in B2B social media marketing will be over the next 12 months?
  • What is the potential of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc for B2B social media marketing?
  • Using social network tools to engage your connections, influence their opinions and grow your brand awareness
  • Proving ROI of B2B social media?
  • Moderator
    Eddie Choi, SES Advisory Board & Founding Partner, Frontiers Digital
  • Speakers
    Vincent Teo, Digital Planning Director, BBDO/ Proximity
    Anol Bhattacharya, Consultant, GetIT
    Devashish Saxena, SVP, Global eCommerce and Social Marketing, Premier Farnell
17:10 Closing remarks

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