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 August 8-11, 2005 • San Jose McEnery Convention Center • San Jose, CA

Event Hours:
Registration Hours
Aug 8: 7:30am-5pm (Conf. Only)
Aug 9: 8am-6:30pm (Conf. & Expo)
Aug 10: 8am-5:30pm (Conf. & Expo)
Aug 11: 8am-2pm (Conf. Only)
Conference Hours
Aug 8: 9am-5:15pm
Aug 9: 9am-5:30pm
Aug 10: 9am-6:30pm
Aug 11: 9am-2pm
Exhibit Hall Hours:
Aug 9: 10am-6:30pm
Aug 10: 10am-4pm

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Agenda* - Monday, August 8, 2005
Day 1 - Conference

9:00am - 10:30am Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Fundamentals Track
Introduction To Search Engine Marketing

Who are the major search engines? How can their editorial listings send you "natural" or "organic" traffic for free through search engine public relations or search engine optimization efforts? How can you purchase top rankings or placement through search engine advertising opportunities? This must-attend session for beginners provides an overview of key concepts.
Danny Sullivan, Editor,

Advanced Track
Search Algorithms: The Patent Files

Patents released by major search engines aren't a blueprint for exactly how they find and rank web pages. However, they do offer interesting clues about how things might be done. This session looks at key patents and ponders what might actually be in use and how marketers might best act on released information.
SR Fishkin, CEO,
Dr. E. Garcia, Mi
Jon Glick, Senior Director of Product Search and Comparison Shopping,
Ani Kortikar, Founder and CEO, Netramind

Vertical Track
Mobile Search

New search products for our cell phones and PDA are coming out and existing ones maturing. A look at how these products work and ways to get your content in front of those on the move.
Detlev Johnson, VP, Director of Consulting, Position Technologies
Deep Nishar, Director of Product Management, Google Inc.
Gary Price, News Editor, Search Engine Watch
Mihir Shah, Director of Product Management, Yahoo!
Matthew Snyder, Business Owner Mobile Search, Nokia
Ken Thomas, Sr. Product Manager for AOL Mobile, America Online, Inc.

Contextual & Partnering Track
Dealing With Contextual & Other Non-Search Ads

You know about search targeted listings, where your ad shows up based on the keywords someone enters into a search engine. But what about contextual ads, where paid listings show up based on the content of what someone is reading? Programs exist to let you easily move search ads into a contextual environment. But should you? And how should you handle other new types of advertising sold on a cost-per-click basis? This session offers tips and advice for those coming at these offerings from a search marketing perspective.
Brian Axe, Senior Product Manager, Google, Inc.
Brad Byrd, Vice President, NewGate
Barry Chu, Senior Manager, Content Match Product Marketing, Yahoo! Search Marketing
Andrew Goodman, Principal, Page Zero Media Inc.
Peter Hershberg, Managing Partner, Reprise Media

Eye of the Storm: Lessons from large search marketers

Large search marketers tend to have different needs and strategies than their smaller counterparts, such as requiring industrial-strength analytics tools. What lessons can be learned from these marketers' search practices? What do these companies look for in their search agencies? Join us to learn best practices from some of today's leading search marketers.
Zia Daniell Wigder, VP and Research Director, JupiterResearch
Allan Dick, General Manager, Vintage Tub & Bath
Ethan Giffin, Product Manager, Allegis Group, Inc.
Emily Schubert, Director of Merchandising & Marketing Operations, Travelocity

10:30am - 11:00am Morning Coffee Break
11:00am - 12:30pm Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Fundamentals Track
Search Term Research & Targeting

The bedrock to success with search engines is understanding which search terms to target. Fail in that and your audience may never find you. This session covers ways to undertake search term research that is crucial to succeeding with your search engine marketing efforts, whether that be via free or paid listings.
Christine Churchill, President, KeyRelevance
Tor Crockatt, Global Head of Editorial, MIVA
Dan Thies, President, SEO Research Labs
Q&A; Speakers:
John Slade, Director, Product Management, Yahoo! Search Marketing

Advanced Track
Searcher Behavior Research Update

How do searchers interact with search engines? New research is constantly coming out revealing how searchers act. This session explores the latest research and provides tips and tactics for search marketers to consider.
Detlev Johnson, VP, Director of Consulting, Position Technologies
Cam Balzer, Director of Search Strategy, Performics Inc.
Gord Hotchkiss, President and CEO, Enquiro
Inga Johnson, Product Marketing Manager, Atlas Search
Alison Kane, General Manager, Atlas OnePoint
Jonathan Mendez, Director of eMarketing, Digital Grit

Vertical Track
Video & Podcast Search

New products make it easier to locate video content from across the web or to find "podcast" programs, on-demand radio-like shows people can listen to on MP3 players or their computers. A look at various services and how to get your content visible and audible within them.
Suranga Chandratillake, Co-Founder and CTO, blinkx
Peter Chane, Senior Business Product Manager, Google Inc.
Bradley Horowitz, Director of Technology Development, Yahoo!
Karen Howe, Vice President, AOL Search, and General Manager of Singingfish, America Online, Inc.
Jon Leicht, Senior Project Manager, SiteLab International Inc.
Amanda Watlington, Ph.D., APR, Searching for Profit

Contextual & Partnering Track
Earning From Search & Contextual Ads

This session looks at the way publishers can generate revenue by carrying search results and contextual ads offered by major networks. Learn about some programs out there and tips on getting more from the ads you carry.
Jason Calacanis, Co-Founder, Weblogs, Inc.
Will Johnson, Yahoo! Search Marketing
Scott B. Meyer, President & Chief Executive Officer, About, Inc., The New York Times Company
Gokul Rajaram, Group Product Manager, Google AdSense, Google Inc.
Jennifer Slegg, Owner,

Weird Science: The next generation in media planning and buying

Marketers today are being presented with a variety of new offerings, ranging from contextual to behavioral to new optimization technologies. What kind of results are marketers seeing from these technologies? What else is on the horizon? Some of today's leading agencies will discuss the best way for marketers to maximize media buys.
Gary Stein, Senior Analyst, JupiterResearch
Heidi Browning, Organic
Mark Stephens, Avenue A
Dorian Sweet,

12:30pm - 1:45pm Networking Lunch - Birds of a Feather Seating Available
Bird Of A Feather Tables: Looking to meet those with common interests, such as people who work with non-profit sites, retailing sites, who are in the B2B space or those who run SEM firms? The Birds Of A Feather tables at the networking lunch offer an opportunity for this. Some tables are premarked with networking areas of interest. Just grab a seat, and you'll be among kindred spirits. Did we miss a topic? Sit at any unmarked table, then use the provided materials to set up your own birds of a feather area.
1:45pm - 3:15pm Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Fundamentals Track
Search Engine Friendly Design

How can you build a web site from the ground up that pleases both crawler based search engines and your visitors? Discover how "search engine friendly" design can tap into free traffic from search engines. This session is especially suited for beginners who need an overview of important design issues to keep in mind. More technical design issues are covered in the Successful Site Architecture session on Day 2.
Anne Kennedy, Managing Partner, Beyond Ink
Shari Thurow, Webmaster/Marketing Director,

Advanced Track
The Search Landscape

What's the most popular search engine? The most used search engine? What vertical areas of search are growing? Are people using search toolbars more or less? Representatives from major ratings and traffic analysis services share stats and info on topics such as these, in this session.
James Lamberti, Vice President, Search Solutions, comScore Networks
Jarvis Mak, Director, Data and MegaPanel Analytics, NetRatings, Inc.
Bill Tancer, VP Research, Hitwise

Vertical Track
Personalized Search & Search History

Most major search engines now offer a way for searchers to save their search history, a record of sites they've found and searches they've done. A look at what's currently offered and how that might change into an even more personalized search experience.
Jonathan Leblang, Vice President of Product Development, A9
Marissa Mayer, Director, Consumer Web Products, Google Inc.
Tim Mayer, Director of Product Management, Yahoo!
Jim Rainey, Senior Product Manager, Ask Jeeves
Grant Ryan, Chief Scientist, Eurekster

Contextual & Partnering Track
Search APIs

Major search engines offer application programming interfaces that let you tap into search results, ad listings, ad management systems and other things. This session looks at APIs that are available and how you might use them.
Detlev Johnson, VP, Director of Consulting, Position Technologies
DeWitt Clinton, Software Development Engineer, A9
Rien Heald, VP of Technology, Performics
Kevin Lee, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder,
Dan Thies, President, SEO Research Labs
Jeremy Zawodny, Technical, Yahoo!

From Broad to Specific: Capitalizing on vertical search and other niche publishing opportunities

Vertical search engines are appearing in many different industries, ranging from travel to retail to financial services. How will these new players impact the industry? How should marketers balance their resources between traditional search engines and these new niche players? A panel of experts and executives from vertical search engines will discuss the current evolution of the search landscape.
Sapna Satagopan, Research Associate, JupiterResearch
Phil Carpenter, Sidestep
Gary Price, News Editor, Search Engine Watch
Kirby Winfield, Marchex
Michael Yang, Founder, President & CEO,

3:15pm - 3:45pm Afternoon Refreshment Break
3:45pm - 5:15pm Attendees may choose to attend one of the five sessions offered during this time.

Fundamentals Track
Buying Search Engine Advertising

Paid placement is a form of search engine advertising that provides a top ranking in return for payment. Every major search engine offers a paid placement program. Learn what's available in this session that is especially geared toward beginners, with details on programs from major providers and advice from advertisers.
Dan Boberg, Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, Yahoo! Search Marketing
Chris Churchill, President, Fathom Online
Richard Holden, Product Management Director, Google, Inc.
Dana Todd, Founding Partner, SiteLab International, Inc.

Advanced Track
Competitive Research

Search engines can tell you a lot about your competition, if you know what to look for. Learn how to use search engines to profile your competition, helping you understand what links to gain, ad prices to pay, content to offer and customers to seek.
Detlev Johnson, VP, Director of Consulting, Position Technologies
David Williams, Chief Strategist and Co-Founder, 360i
Gavin Appel, VP Search, Hitwise
Cam Balzer, Director of Search Strategy, Performics, Inc.
Allan Dick, General Manager, Vintage Tub & Bath

Vertical Track
Vertical Creep Into Regular Search Results

Vertical is the new kid on the block, when it comes to the real estate of search results pages. Even if users don't choose to do a vertical search, there's more chance than ever that search engines will show some vertical listings at the top of "default" results. In this session, a look at how being number one in the search results more and more means being listed in vertical search.
Gord Hotchkiss, President and CEO, Enquiro
Greg Jarboe, President and Co-Founder, SEO-PR
Brian Mark, CTO,
Mihir Shah, Director of Product Management, Yahoo!

Contextual & Partnering Track
Partnering With Search Engines

Sure, search engines make it easy to partner with them through self-serve options to buy or carry their ads. But how do you strike a business deal to partner with them on projects that go beyond this? This session looks at how business development opportunities are handled.
Detlev Johnson, VP, Director of Consulting, Position Technologies
Joel Toledano, Director of Business Development, Yahoo!

Vox Populi: Understanding the role of consumer-generated content

Consumers are getting more and more of their brand information from sources such as blogs and consumer feedback sites. How can marketers harness the power of these unofficial sources? Which group of consumers should be most valued by marketers looking to capitalize on these sites? Learn from some of the top companies aggregating consumer feedback on brands.
David Card, VP & Senior Analyst, JupiterResearch
Mark Fletcher, Vice President and General Manager, Bloglines at Ask Jeeves
Rob Key, President & CEO, Converseon
Jamie O'Donnell, Vice President and Co-founder, SEO-PR

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