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Moderated by Search Engine Expert: Danny Sullivan

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With millions of web surfers turning to search engines each day to find web sites, can you afford not to be found by them? Search engines can generate significant traffic for those who take the time to understand them better. At this unique one-day event, you'll learn the ins-and-outs of search engine marketing from top experts in the field.

Search Engine Strategies 2000 features presentations and panel discussions that cover all aspects of search engine-related promotion, such as:

Back To Basics - Get up to speed with how search engines work. Even experienced marketers will find this refresher interesting.
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Search Engine Friendly Design - How to build a site from the ground up that pleases both search engines and your visitors. Learn how to make the most use of your body copy and meta tags.

Banners & Beyond - The unique aspects of buying banners and links at search engines.

Doorway Pages - Learn why doorways have become a valuable tool to site owners and how you can avoid pitfalls that can cause problems with search engines.

Smart Submitting - You can't rank well if you aren't even listed. Get tips on helping your pages make it into both crawler-based and human-powered search engines.

Dealing with Directories - Representatives from various human-powered search engines will discuss submission issues and take questions from attendees.

Meet the Search Engines - Representatives from various crawler-based search engines will take questions from attendees.

Search Engine Strategies 2000 - the definitive event for understanding search engines and how to make them work for YOUR site!

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