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Moderated by Search Engine Expert: Danny Sullivan

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Search Engine Strategies 2000 - Attendee FAQ

Who Should Go? - Anyone who wants to build traffic to their web site. Are you a web designer? The way you create pages can boost -- or hurt -- your search engine traffic. Are you a web marketer? You need to attend to hear from the people who run the search engines themselves about the latest changes. Brand new to the web? The entire morning is designed to bring you up to speed. Member of management? Learn what those working for you ought to be doing. Responsible for content or site development? The Developers Track covers issues relating to search engines that you may be interested in.

What Should I Attend? - If you are new to search engines and marketing issues, you'll want to attend all the sessions of the main track. If you are familiar with search engine marketing, the Advanced Track gives you an opportunity to swap tips on different topics, with discussions lead by various promotion experts. Need to make your own site searchable? Want to add a specialized search engine so visitors can come to your site and search on a particular topic? Having problems with spiders impacting your web site? The Developers Track is for you.

What Can I Expect To Learn? - A crash course in all aspects of search engine marketing issues, for those with no experience. Advanced marketers will find a networking bonanza, plus you'll have an opportunity to hear from the search engines themselves. Developers may discover search engine solutions they didn't know existed.


"The sessions provided clear, road maps to search engine optimization, directions that are critical to any Internet marketer" - Anne Condon, Acsys, Inc.

"Didn't realize how little I knew! Helped to clarify complicated issues." - Mike Budiac,

Search Engine Strategies 2000 - the definitive event for understanding search engines and how to make them work for YOUR site!

For more information on any sponsorship please contact Frank Fazio, Jr. at or call (203) 662-2976.

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