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The Premier Event for Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

17 June 2002 (Mon, 9am to 12.30pm)
  •   DBS Theatrette
(6 Shenton Way, Singapore)

Featuring Search Engine Expert: Danny Sullivan

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8.30am  Registration

9.00am  Search Engine Marketing Overview
An overview of the major ways people are using search engines to gain traffic for their web site. Search-engine guru Danny Sullivan will explain concepts such as "search engine PR," paid inclusion and paid placement. Starting with a "Back To Basics" session, Danny will explore some very practical details on how exactly to submit to some of the world's major search engines.
Danny Sullivan, Editor, SearchEngineWatch.com

10.30am  Coffee/Tea-Break (with refreshments)

11.00am  Asian Search Engines
After the break, Nima Yassini will illustrate the more general activities that people do citing examples of what's happening in the US, so that those in Asia will be ready when these changes make its way to the market here in Asia, as they will. This presentation will touch on essential search engine issues such as:

  • Expelling the myths of search engine marketing
  • Marketers needs
  • Online population and search engine use
  • Largest used search engines within the Asia pacific region
  • Search engines by market share
  • Types of search engines and how search engines find web sites and rank them
  • How search engine marketing can help grow a business cost effectively
  • Targeting search engine traffic
  • Where search engine marketing fits into the marketing strategy
Nima Yassini, General Manager, BMCOptimise

12.00pm  Shop Talk Forum
What are the challenges facing those who provide search engine marketing services? Does the industry need standards? How do you deal with clients? This session is an intensive 30 minutes Q&A; where participants can look forward to learning more about major search engines serving Asian users around the world. This session also presents the a unique opportunity to ask Danny and Nima, questions relating to search engine marketing as well as to share knowledge with the other attendees.

12.30pm  End of event

*This agenda subject to change


For more details on registrations: e-mail Serene Tay at stay@internet.com or call: (+65) 6323 9320 and fax: (+65) 6274 8913

For information on sponsorship opportunity: e-mail Gary Lee at glee@internet.com or tel: (+65) 6324 9534

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