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    The SES advisory board works to continually deliver cutting-edge techniques, more integrated and relevant content, and professional development resources to attendees.

    Mike Grehan Mike Grehan
    Global VP Content, SES, Search Engine Watch, ClickZ
    Marilyn Crafts Marilyn Crafts
    Senior Program Director, SES Advisory Board Coordinator, SES Conference & Expo
    Laura Roth Laura Roth
    Conference Program & Training Manager, SES Conference & Expo
    Jonathan Allen Jonathan Allen
    Director, Search Engine Watch
    Chris Boggs Chris Boggs
    SES Advisory Board; Director, SEO, Rosetta
    Paul Fegan Paul Fegan
    Head of e-Learning, Incisive Media
    Matthew Bailey Matthew Bailey
    SES Advisory Board; President, Site Logic Marketing
    Mikel Chertudi Mikel Chertudi
    SES Advisory Board; Senior Director of Marketing, Adobe
    Eddie Choi Eddie Choi
    SES Advisory Board; Founding Partner, Frontiers Digital
    Bryan Eisenberg Bryan Eisenberg
    SES Advisory Board; NYTimes Bestselling Author,
    Bill Hunt Bill Hunt
    SES Advisory Board; President, Back Azimuth Consulting
    Andrew Goodman Andrew Goodman
    SES Advisory Board; President, Page Zero Media
    Aaron Kahlow Aaron Kahlow
    SES Advisory Board; Chairman & Founder, Online Marketing Summit
    Anne F. Kennedy Anne F. Kennedy
    SES Advisory Board; International Search Strategist, Author, Beyond Ink USA
    Jon Myers Jon Myers
    SES Advisory Board; Director, Account Management, Yahoo! UK & Ireland
    Lee Odden Lee Odden
    SES Advisory Board; CEO, TopRank Online Marketing
    Crispin Sheridan Crispin Sheridan
    SES Advisory Board; Senior Director of Search Marketing Strategy, SAP