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    Since 1999, SES has been the leading international conference series for webmasters, digital agencies, online marketers and corporate decision makers. Over the years SES has guided search marketers of all skill levels through the fast changing and complex world of search — the single fastest growing marketing sector.

    The SES series operates under a variety of formats around the world, from large-scale multi-tracked conferences and exhibitions to more intimate forum style events and in-depth training courses drilling into the detail on specific topics — but each event shares one thing in common:

    An absolute commitment to deliver the very finest speakers, the latest market intelligence and clear, actionable tips and tactics that delegates can apply the moment they get back to the office. By attending an SES event, you give yourself a competitive advantage over your fellow marketers that can transform both your business and your career.

    What will you learn by attending?

    "I'm new to this. I feel a bit lost in the jargon
    and don't really know where to start!"

    Don't be embarrassed if you're just starting out and feel a little lost in the jargon. SES will lead you by the hand and explain in layman's terms what search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are, and how, with a greater understanding of what's involved, you can grow your traffic and business online.

    Most SES events cover introductory and basic level tracks, including:

    If you attend an SES event, you'll soon realize that everyone was a beginner once. Attend the introductory sessions, ask questions and build your network amongst your peers. Very soon you'll be up to speed and ready to move on to some of the more advanced and cutting edge search marketing techniques.

    "I understand the importance of search and we're
    already delivering some fantastic results, but I now want
    to take things to the next level."

    Your websites are driving good levels of traffic, online orders are booming and you're the star of the show. The president of the company is starting to notice your achievements but you want to remain competitive and show that there is more to come. Where should you concentrate your efforts?

    At SES you'll learn how to:

    SES sessions are delivered in a variety of formats, from case studies with real life examples to more formal theoretical presentations and often include direct feedback from the search engines with advice for webmasters and marketers.

    "I consider my company to be fairly advanced in our use of search. Is it really going to be worth it for me to spend the time out of the office at SES? Online research costs me nothing!"

    You've been in the industry for a while and spend a lot of time reading the various search engine marketing news sites, blogs, and discussion forums. Newbies in the field often turn to you for your help and advice. Things are going well and business has never been better. So why take the time and expense of travelling to SES?

    Build your network — the SES series are the largest and most inclusive search events on the planet. Some 25,000 people attend an event each year. You can get a blinkered view of the world from behind your desk. So get out and about and network! At the sessions, in the breaks, at the parties or in the hotel bar. Nothing stays the same for long and you never know when some of the contacts you make will come in useful.

    Discover fresh and exclusive content — some marketing events can end up feeling a bit stale. The same speakers with recycled presentations that you feel you've heard many times before. SES is different. All speaker pitches are carefully and individually vetted by our staff to ensure they provide real value. No-one is guaranteed a speaking spot. Moderators meet all panellists in advance to ensure that content is fresh, presentations meet the brief and don't overlap, and speakers who don't follow the brief or give sales pitches are not invited back.

    Gain direct access to the search engine representatives — most of the major search engines send large teams of engineers and search quality staff to SES events; both to sit on panels and get feedback from their customers. By networking at the events you will often be able to ask the direct questions, which would often be impossible to get answers to on the phone or through online channels.

    Get a steer on what's next — the search industry remains relatively immature. The major players are jostling for position and introducing new products at a quick pace. SES events are designed to cover both the strategy and the tactics of search engine marketing. What will be the effect of increased M&A activity; the move towards blended and universal search results; integrated social media strategies; and technology developments on your business? Not sure? Want to take a step back from the coalface? Come to SES and shape your own strategic vision for the opportunities that might become available for your career and your business.

    "I have been to many SES conferences in the past,
    but with so much going on I never feel able to drill down
    into the detail of the topics."

    Because SES events are designed to be inclusive to all levels of expertise, it is inevitable that many topics can only be covered at a relatively high level. The larger conferences are tracked to ensure you will always find the sessions of interest to your business, but even so we recognize that some delegates want to dive deeper into specific topic areas.

    This is why in 2006 we launched the SES training series. Taking place either on the back of larger SES events or in standalone locations, the training sessions provide half-day and full-day classroom style sessions with strictly controlled numbers to ensure individual attention and interaction. Expert trainers from the SES faculty cover topics including, but not limited to:

    SES events have been held in all four corners of the world since 1999.

    Whether you are new to search or an expert; work for a huge multinational brand or a home-based business; or have a background in tech or marketing, there will be an SES event for you. For more information about our upcoming events, please click on one of the links below:

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